Virtual events with Podcaster Playground

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Whether you can see the KFOG-LP radio tower out your window (on a non-foggy day lol), or you live across the world --

if you are a podcaster, you're invited to join the online Podcaster Playground events, hosted by me, Lusen, KFOG-LP's community manager.

Events are held Thursdays using Zoom. There is a one-time $5 fee to keep meetings safe from trolls, and to help cover Zoom and hosting costs. Thank you for understanding!

Clicking the button below gives you access to ALL Podcaster Playground Zoom links forever. Once you complete the purchase, I will add you to the Podcaster Playground private email list. You will receive an email containing a secret Zoom link before every event.

Join the Podcaster Playground

Types of Events

Listen Booth: a handful of podcasters sitting around a table sharing and discussion audio clips

Listening Booth

Paused until August

Share your audio, and listen to what others are making.

Podclub: bookclub for podcasters


Paused until August

Discuss pre-selected podcast episodes from Podclub members and inspiring creators. Please listen to audio selections before the meeting starts.

Writing group for multimedia makers: a handful of podcasters sitting around a table sharing scripts and screenplays that they've written

Writing Group

Paused until August

It's a writing group specifically for podcasters. Bring your written drafts to read out loud for feedback and brainstorming.


Events Paused until August

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