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Hello podcaster

I have big news for all you indie podcasters looking for feedback on your audio drafts: KFOG-LP's most popular show, Podcaster Playground, is accepting submissions for the 3 minute challenge.

Use the Contact the Station Manager page to send me your audio to play on the show, and I'll give you the kind of encouragement and feedback that the Podcaster Playground has become known for.

Do speak up over the fog horns.

-Lusen / they, KFOG-LP station manager.

Podcaster Playground virtual events

Hello podcaster,

Are you interested in podcasting support and feedback? Join a Podcaster Playground virtual event.

I've been opening the KFOG-LP garage since last Fall for audio making, experimental radio, podcaster listening booths and writing circles, and of course Wednesday morning capoeira (also broadcast live so you can play along at home).

If you're not local, though, you can still be social -- visit the Podcaster Playground Virtual Events page for more details.

Signing off from Ocean Beach,

-Lusen / they, KFOG-LP station manager.

Rooftop Maker Mingle

Hello podcaster,

Last night I went to an Audio Maker Mingle with AIR Media and PRX Podcast Garage.

Highlights of the night include:

  • Roifield Brown's talk about participatory podcasting
  • Conversations with so many delightful podcasters
  • KQED's rooftop terrace

Check out the scale replica I brought of KFOG-LP's low power radio antenna! In the photo's background you can just make out Sutro Tower, and KALW's antenna on the twin's other peak.

I was inspired to take a pic of KFOG-LP's tower this morning, but it's hidden in the fog.

From the tallest tower west of Turtle Hill,

-Lusen / they, KFOG-LP station manager.